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Please note:  The DIY Manual was put together over the time I was actively building BBQ Islands for customers.
During that time I was an
Arizona General Contractor
ROC #  207600
Licensed and Bonded

When I retired three years ago, I put my license on hold in case I ever needed to put it back to "active".

Apparently, the fact that I no longer do construction, and have retired, but make reference to my General Contractor Licence, has upset someone.

So, please note, During the writing of my manual, my Arizona Register of Contractor's License
was active, but now, three years after writing the manual, my license is on hold and I no longer build BBQ Islands.

Look at my manual, you'll be pleased with the contents; the instruction format and amount of quality information. The fact that I've retired and my license is on hold has no relevance.
Symphony BBQ